Breed: Labrador Retriever Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)

Age: Baby

Sex: M

Size: M
Bear and Chauncy came to MLDHS together from the Loon Lake area late October . We think they are siblings though they don't look much alike. We believe them to be born approx Sep 1/11. They came to us each with a case of mange and although it was Chauncy who's scraping was positive; Bear never did have a positive scraping though he is the one that physically looked like he had mange and Chauncy never did look mangy. We have been treating them for several weeks now and they have recently had a vet check and the mange appears to have retreated finally and Bear's hair is coming back nicely so they are ready for adoption. They are very friendly, playful and social puppies who enjoy time playing together; though because of their mange we have not had them with dogs other than each other. They seem to understand paper training but will require house training as they have only ever spent time in the shelter since Oct 20th. Chauncy looks like an australian shepherd mix and has one blue eye, we think they will be medium sized dogs in adulthood though cannot guarantee their eventual size. We have a couple of videos on our youtube account of Bear and Chauncy together late Nov/11 where you can see how far Bear's hair regrowth has come along. You can find them by going to and search Bear and Chauncy there. These photos were taken Dec 5/11.
Our regular dog adoption fee is $160 which includes spay/neuter, shot, rabies shot and microchip. Puppies that are not old enough to be spayed or neutered prior to adoption will require a $300 refundable (upon proof of surgery) spay/neuter deposit. For online adoption application see our main page at Check our youtube account for any other videos of this pet uploaded there:
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